portrait rights

There are many misunderstandings about portrait rights and the permission of the use of images. Legislation is changing rapidly due to the speed of digital progress.
Often people to not know what their rights and their obligations are when photographed or when publishing pictures. This can be inconvenient. I hope this information gives you some clarity.


Current legislation states that pictures of you that have been taken in a place where you should assume to be private, cannot be publicized without your approval, nor shared on internet or social media.

However, when your picture has been taken in a public place or at an event where one knows not to be private, images can be freely distributed without your permission.

An exception to this rule is when a person is clearly compromised even if he or she is in a public space. This would be damaging to the individual and is therefore forbidden.

As soon as images have been given to the customer who ordered them taken, this customer is responsible for protecting the privacy of the person(s) portrayed in case of publicatie in whatever way.

Copyright and right of use

The copyright always belongs to the maker of the image, even if the images were taken in commission. Permission for commercial use of the images by the commissioner will be given as a general public license by the photographer. A fee may be applicable depending on the type of publication.

A photographer always maintains the right to use his/her images for promtional i.e. portfolio purposes. This also applies to photographs that were taken in commission. However, a photographer is not allowed to use his/her images for commercial publicatie without the explicit permission of the person portrayed.

This is a rather short explanation of the current state of affairs. If you have a question, please let me know.
In any case, might you have a problem with the display of your portrait, please let me know. Regardless of rules and regulations, it is much more important to me that you fee at home and safe with me as your photographer and with the way I use my images.