Photography per hour including  after editing in PhotoShop € 100,00
Specific photoshop editing such as retouche, montage etc. € 60,00
Use of a mobile studio at the location of your choice for 2 hours € 70,00
Traveling time per hour € 35,00
Rights to publicise for commercial purposes per photograph € 40,00
Complete rights for any publishing purpose per photograph € 60,00
Family shoot, 1 hour € 150,00
Wedding shoot 6 hours including a high quality photo album € 1.500,-
Interior shoot including styling and lighting set up, 3 hours € 250,-
Additional hours at a booking € 80,-
Use of the images:
  • All publicly distributed copies of my photographs shall indicate my name and the url of my website.
  • Photographer shall be sent a copy of any publication in which her photographs have been published.
  • They customer, be it profit or non-profit, is responsible for protecting the privacy of those portraid in case of publication commercial, personally or via social media and internet.
  • Copyright will always remain with photographer.
  • Photographer can use the images for portfolio purposes on paper or digitally.
  • Photographer is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under number 27188719.